10C Extended Rules

10C Extended Rules

USSSA 10U “C” & “All-Star” Rule Exceptions

For 10U “C” and “All-Star” tournaments the following rule exceptions or points of emphasis will apply to the latest edition of standard USSSA fastpitch rules, which can be found online at www.usssa.com.

1. The infield fly rule does not apply. The ball remains alive with all runners in jeopardy of being put out.

2. The dropped third strike rule does not apply. Whether or not the 3rd strike is caught, the batter is out.

3. 10 & under base stealing is allowed under the following rules.

  1. Runners starting at first base or second base are entitled to steal one base only per pitch with liability to be put out.

  2. Runners are not entitled to advance more than one base per pitch unless there is a batted ball or the ball goes out of play resulting in awarded bases.

  3. Runners starting at third base may not steal home but are liable to be put out if they are off the base.

  4. A runner attempting to advance beyond the one base they are entitled to steal may be put out while between bases or in contact with a base to which she is not entitled.

  5. After all play ceases and the ball becomes dead, if a runner occupies a base beyond the one the runner was entitled to steal, the runner will be returned to the correct base without liability to be put out.

  6. A batter runner, who has received a base on balls, cannot attempt to steal second base.

  7. Awarded bases will apply to all runners. This includes an overthrow into dead ball territory.

  8. Runners can only score on:

    1. A batted ball

    2. A base on balls or hit batter with bases loaded

    3. An awarded base when the ball goes out of play to include a pitch that goes out of play

4. A 5 run limit per inning shall be imposed on any inning that begins less than 60-minutes from the start of the game. All subsequent innings shall have no run limit. The plate umpire will note when the 60-minute time mark is reached in the game.


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