Dome Rules

Dome Rules

USSSA 2022 – 2023 Indoor Rule Modifications

  • If the ball hits the ceiling, or lights in fair territory the ball will remain live unless it gets stuck. If the ball gets stuck declare it a dead ball and replay the pitch. 
  • If the ball hits the ceiling, side, or lights in foul territory it will be a foul ball.  Declare it a foul ball and apply the book rule to the pitch count.
  • A home run will be awarded to the batter if the ball hits above the green section on a fly in the Wyoming Valley dome.
  • A foul ball will be declared if a batted ball hits the nets in foul territory.  (This does not include a thrown ball.)
  • Games are 1 hour 10 minutes in length drop dead in pool play; score stays AS-IS, and 1:10 finish the inning in bracket games. If there is a tie in bracket play ITB rules will apply.
  • The pitching mounds may move during/throughout the game. When this occurs the umpire can provide permission for the coach and/or the player to adjust the mound as needed. The umpire and the site director will address any issues with the distance of the mound.  Let the coaches and players know that the clock will not stop to fix this issue once it has started.
    • There are tape marks located on the turf for the 40 feet and 43 feet mark. 
  • Remember these games are reduced time limits; make sure to use good game management to keep them moving. In order to keep the games moving the ground rules should be completed prior to the completion of the previous game. 

*Wyoming Valley Sports Dome will open doors 60 minutes prior to the start of the first game.*

***Please ensure that your team applies these rules at the start of the indoor season and continues to use these rules in the Wyoming Valley Dome throughout the 2022-2023 indoor season, this will eliminate any confusion amongst teams, umpires & site directors. ***



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