Roster Information

Roster Information

Information Regarding Online Roster

1. Any team participating in at least one USSSA tournament is required to enter its roster online, and provide a hardcopy at all entered events signed by both the player and the player’s parent/guardian.

2. To begin entering the players onto the roster, log in to your Manager/Coaches ID at using your team’s ID and password. Then choose “Roster Adds and Updates”, agree to the affidavit on the following page, then begin adding players.

3. At NO time may a player be on the rosters of two different teams at the same time.

4. All Players must be age eligible for the season in which they are playing. The 2023 season runs August 16, 2022 to August 15, 2023, therefore in the fall a player must play at the same age group as they will play during the spring/summer season. Players proper age eligibility can be determined by entering birthdate into the USSSA Fastpitch age calculator.

5. All guardians should accept the online invite to join your team. This is an electronic signature confirming their acknowledgment. Click on “Printable Roster” and print a copy. It needs to be signed by all the players and parents, regardless of the age bracket. Teams should keep a signed copy for themselves and have one for check in at all USSSA events to furnish upon request. PLEASE DO NOT SEND THE ROSTER TO THE NATIONAL OFFICE IN FLORIDA.

Additional Roster Items

6. For initial rosters at the beginning of the year, birth certificates do not need to be filed with the State Office, but legible copies must be kept with the team at all times.

Adds, Pickups & Releases

7. During the season, any roster adds need to be added by the state office. Information needed to be supplied to the state office via the “Add Player to a Roster Sheet” will be:

  • Players Name
  • Players birthdate
  • Copy of Players birth certificate
  • Players/parents Phone Number
  • Players/parents Email address


8. All roster changes must be approved through the State Office. Individual tournament directors do not have the authority to approve any roster changes unless specifically given such authority by the State Office.

9. A team may not add or pickup any players on Friday, Saturday or Sunday during a weekend in which the team is participating, even if no games are scheduled for Friday.

10. A team that has not yet qualified for a World Series (WS) berth may request to have players added to their roster by contacting the State Office. If the player is approved and added to the roster, the manager must print the roster again, but this time only gets the added player and her parent to sign it, leaving the spaces for all the other player and parent signatures blank. A hardcopy of this along with the original signed roster must be presented at check in for all USSSA events.

11. Once a team qualifies for WS its roster becomes “frozen”. That team then becomes classified under the provisions listed in the Classifications section below, even if the team chooses not to accept the berth. Once frozen, however, teams may add or pickup additional players, under the following conditions.

● A team that is classified “A” may add or pick up any player, up to a maximum of three.

● A team that is classified as “B” is not eligible to pick up any player that was rostered to an “A” classified team in that same season, but can pick up any other players up to a maximum of three.

● A team that is classified as “C” is not eligible to pick up any player that was rostered to an “A” or “B” classified team in that same season, but can pick up any other players up to a maximum of three.

12. Before a team can pick up a player that is already rostered on a USSSA team, that player must submit the online Player Release Request with $20 transfer fee payment. Both the on line request form and fee must be received prior to the release being official. Players may only be released and picked up one time in the season.

❖ When the online player release request form is submitted, an email is sent to the current coach advising of the players request to be released from their roster. The coach has 7 days to respond either approving or denying (with explanation/reason) the release. If no response is received within 7 days, the player will be released from the roster. ❖ Player/Parent/Guardian Responsibilities: When a player declares she no longer wishes to participate on a team whose roster she has signed, that player must return all equipment, uniforms and similar items that were distributed to the player specifically for that season and reach an understanding with any outstanding financial issues according to your organization’s agreement. ❖ Alternatively, if a manager informs a player that the manager intends to remove the player from the team roster without the player’s mutual consent, then the team must return all unused money deposited by the player. Any money earned through fundraisers, however, would remain with the team. The manager is then obligated to sign a Player Release Request for the player. ❖ Any conflicts resulting from player/manager relationships involving releases will be resolved by the State Office.


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